The Home of John Train

The Home of John Train


A Wig and a Wonder

Nobody's Listening Blues
Las Galeros
Wonder and Pray
Who Needs the Muse?
Born in Time
Praying to St. Joe
A Wig and a Wonder
Lord Baltimore
A Girl Like You Around
Be Passerby
Done Wastin' Time
No More

Mesopotamia Blues

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Equipment Failure
Don't He Look Good
Leachman's Ghost
Draft Age
Mulloy 2006
Mama Bake a Pie
The Kind Merchant
Yo Ho Ho
Already Gone
Look Her in the Eye
Mesopotamia (1917)

The Sugar Ditch

The Pulling
Shame On You
The Sugar Ditch
How Am I Ever Going to Get Home?
Are You Like Me?
Randy, Come Home
Supposed to Wait
What if Ray Charles Weren't Blind?
Gene Washington
Keepers 'n' Randy

Looks Like Up

Lonely Next Door
If I'm Gonna Get Blamed
Misery Loves Company
I Wish It Was the Time
Nobody's Seen the Wind
Cracked and Crumbled
500 Miles
Did You Come by Your Bitterness Honestly?
Playground Attraction
You Won't Say My Name
Nova Scotia

Angels Turned Thieves

You and Yours
Broke TV
Looking for Hints
Take You Home Tonight
Wait Until Spring
I Know
Down in the Draw
You Come to Me
Air of Gettysburg
Trains Rollin' By
Ask Me to Stay
Float Away


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