Top 10 for 2010

Here's my top 10 for 2010: 1. Keith Richards, Life: Look, this ain't "Chronicles", you know. But Keith's a lot funnier than I ever imagined. I know that "tiny todger" talk is low-class. But, still, it made me laugh as did so much of this book. The book also sent me back to Keith's solo recordings ("Talk is Cheap" and "Main Offender") which hold up surprisingly well. 2. Greil Marcus: Sure, Professor Marcus can be super-pretentious and an annoying read. But I'll take Greil over everyone else contributing to the Bob bookshelf. I read 'em all (I consider it a professional obligation (and hazard)). Most of 'em are straight bio (Sid Griffin), academic discourse (Sean Wilentz), or gossip aiming for

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