Where Were We? (for John Prine), May 2020

Read the Phawker story for more info.

Angels Turned Thieves 20th Anniversary House Concert, July 2019 

Read "blame the drummer" for more info.

Talkin' Rabbit - Jon Houlon's official video for his epic take on the John Updike "Rabbit" tetralogy. Filmed in Reading and Shillington, PA. 2016

Sketches by Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner

Filmed, edited and directed by Mark Schreiber

A Wig and a Wonder - Recorded and filmed live at Fergie's Pub 2010

Filmed, edited, mixed by John Anthony (Philadelphia Post)

Fame - David Bowie cover  - Fergie's Pub 1/13/2017

Thanks David Hensel!

Isn't That So? - Jesse Winchester cover - Fergie's Pub 1/23/2015

Thanks Phantom Engineer!

Marquee Moon - Television cover - Fergie's Pub 3/31/2017

Thanks Nadia!