Angels Turned Thieves 20th Anniversary House Concert, July 2019 

Read "blame the drummer" for more info.

Talkin' Rabbit - Jon Houlon's official video for his epic take on the John Updike "Rabbit" tetralogy. Filmed in Reading and Shillington, PA. 2016

Sketches by Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner

Filmed, edited and directed by Mark Schreiber

A Wig and a Wonder - Recorded and filmed live at Fergie's Pub 2010

Filmed, edited, mixed by John Anthony (Philadelphia Post)

Fame - David Bowie cover  - Fergie's Pub 1/13/2017

Thanks David Hensel!

Isn't That So? - Jesse Winchester cover - Fergie's Pub 1/23/2015

Thanks Phantom Engineer!

Marquee Moon - Television cover - Fergie's Pub 3/31/2017

Thanks Nadia!

Where Were We? (for John Prine), May 2020

Read the Phawker story for more info.