Top 10 for 2011

My Top 10 for 2011. 1. Occupy Philly: God bless these folks. I spent a fair amount of time wandering around Dilworth Plaza during lunch breaks etc. Saw some pretty wild stuff. For instance,a posterboard with one day's activities that read, "2PM: Lecture on Anarchism 3PM: Methods of Non-violent protest 4PM: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches." I swear. That's the kind of agenda I can get behind. Toward the end, I was disturbed by the presence of American flags. I mean, isn't that the ultimate symbol of oppression? And they had this thing called a "human microphone" that felt a little too close to organized religion for this drugstore cowboy. And, of course, Butch Hancock told me many years ag

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