Top 10 for 2012

Ok, folks. Another day, another dollar, another joke. Here's my top 10 for 2012. 1. Geronimo Rex: I sort of missed out on Barry Hannah when he was alive. I remember trying to read "Airships" at Van Pelt library around 1992. It didn't register. But, man, BH is some kind of writer. In the Faulkner tradition for sure but some off-kilter whimsy in there too. "Geronimo Rex" is a book about the primacy of music. Or, as Butch Hancock might say, "life if possible, art at any cost." 2. Butch Hancock: @ Ferg's: Speaking of our West Texas pal, when Butch's gig at another venue was cancelled, I called up Fergie who was delighted to re-book our hero into his club. It turned out to be great night and

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