Musings on No 2 Unalike (# 1)

Just when you thought you'd escaped the clutches of No 2 Unalike, it's BACK! As you know, the premise of the shows was to feature 75 of my songs with the 75 that influenced them in some way. Sometimes the connections were obvious; other times perhaps not. In any case, I've decided to write some mini-essays describing a bunch of the No 2 Unalike pairings. Here's the first from Night One, Nov. 4th, 2015 @ Ferg's: Woody Guthrie's "Great Philadelphia Lawyer" and my own "Texas Eagle" Growing up in a Republican household in Rockville, Maryland, it wasn't so easy to find out about Woody Guthrie! But despite my folks being Republicans, they weren't all bad! My dad took me to see Bob Dylan in 1978 (I

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