Musings on No 2 Unalike (# 9)

Night Four, No 2 Unalike, Saturday, November 7th @ Fergie's Pub The Clash “The Call Up” and my own “The Sign Up” Everyone's got their Joe Strummer story. I might as well throw my into the ring. It was 1988 and I somehow found myself in London with a girl who I was certainly courting but who mostly likely had no inkling of this. She definitely was NOT courting me! In any case, we were perusing the listings in Time Out and discovered that James Taylor was playing the Hammersmith and, on the very same night, Joe Strummer and Latino Rockabilly War were at something called the Brentford Leisure Center. Goodbye courtin', time for rock'n'rollin'! I headed out alone to the Brentford Le

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