Musings on No 2 Unalike (# 3)

From Night One, November 4th, 2015 @ Ferg's John Stewart's "Spirit of the Road” and my own "Sugar Ditch" When most people hear the name John (sic) Stewart, they think of the comedian. He's great, of course. But when I hear the name John Stewart, I think of the one time member of the Kingston Trio who went on to an amazing -- but largely overlooked -- solo career. Johnny Stew is probably best known for writing "Daydream Believer" (which earned him, in his own words, plenty of "couch money" i.e. you just sit on the couch and let the royalties roll in) and "Gold" off his "Bombs Away Dream Babies" lp from 1977 which was produced by John Stewart super-fan Lindsey Buckingham or "Liddy Buck" as Jo

R.I.P. Steve Young

I could write about how under-recognized Steve was. It's true. But, honestly, I'm not sure he gave a damn. I heard Steve once jokingly refer to his friend and fellow songwriter Richard Dobson as "more obscure than I am!" Steve Young was after something much bigger than fame: Truth, Beauty, Spirit, the Great Mystery ... or "It" as Dean Moriarty and even Rabbit Angstrom might say. I cannot think of another performer in the popular music idiom who captured "it" like Steve did. Or as Townes Van Zandt said of Steve: "For that voice, that guitar, and those songs to come together in one person is a wonder." In 1997 or so, I contacted Steve and made arrangements for him to play a gig

R.I.P. Richard Drueding

Several years ago when I began planning my No 2 Unalike shows, I realized that there were a few songs that I needed some help with i.e. my rudimentary guitar skills just weren't up to the task of figuring out credible arrangements for these tunes. I was delighted to learn that the legendary guitarist Richard Drueding not only lived in my neighborhood but that he was offering guitar lessons. I contacted him and, to my further delight, he was willing to tab out the songs in question and teach 'em to me. I walked over to his house a few nights later and went down into his basement studio where he gave lessons. Actually, the word "studio" is inapposite; Richard worked out of a lair! In any

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