Musings on No 2 Unalike (# 7)

From Night One, No 2 Unalike, November 4th, 2015 @ Fergie's Pub Johnny Cash's “Big River and my own “Be Passersby" Cash. What can you say? A giant. I saw him before he got into what Bob Dylan called all that "lowgrade and notorious" stuff with Rick Rubin. 1988 @ the Ritz in NYC. Cash was still doing his family revue show. The lowlight of the evening was hearing the great man sing "Cat's in the Cradle" with John Carter, Jr. The highlight: John Prine's opening set. In any case, here's a version of John Train doing Cash's Big River at Ferg's back in 2010. I really like this video as it captures the wild abandon of our performances over there. Check out guest spots by Chris Palme

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