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REVIEW: Joe Ely Full Circle: The Lubbock Tapes (link to Phawker)

Train Army:

And, say, check out my debut on Phawker.

I’ve never had a chance to write about Joe Ely or the Flatlanders and jumped at the opportunity when editor-in-chief of Phawker, Jonathan Valania, asked me to write something on Ely’s new archival release called Full Circle: The Lubbock Tapes. I tried not to but, of course, I went totally over the top. What can I say? Butch, Joe, and Jimmie have had a profound influence on me.

Anyway, hope you dig it. It’s my first attempt at “journalism” since I wrote an equally effusive review of King of America in 1985 for my high school newspaper!


Jon Houlon

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