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This week's Wire concerns the First Lady of British Folk, the late Sandy Denny.  At the outset of this series of Wires, I promised to focus on music of which you are likely unaware.  I felt confident in this regard because I am cooler than you.  But I should also point out that my ability to do these deep dives, as it were, is largely based on my privileged white male privilege (no, that is not redundant: I grew up in Rockville, Maryland).  I have been blessed with enough leisure time and resources in my half century or so on this Hell we created called Earth to chase my interests with little limitation.  Trust me:  you can't just look this stuff up on Wikipedia or you-tube or Apple Music (which everyone insists I need to get ... actually I don't, thanks) or whatever "platform" you employ.  You won't arrive where I have.  You need a map and an attention span and you won't find the former in a hand-held device and, from what I can tell, you post-humans don't even possess the latter.  In other words, don't try this at home.

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